Carley McCarthy, FPMHNP

Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner in Mesa, AZ

Carley McCarthy

NP McCarthy's primary area of focus is evaluation/management of ADHD and mood disorders, however, she is certified in treating all areas mental health disorders. In addition, she specializes in working closely with clients' who are interested in getting off of medication therapy by helping them safely wean off of medication therapy (assessment required to determine if this option is possible/safe) and utilize holistic/natural approaches for health maintenance (i.e. supplementation, therapy, diet modification). Our clinic also offers vitamin infusion services and ketamine therapy (ask for more information).As a night shift worker and busy mom herself, she understands the challenges in trying to schedule appointments that fit a typical "9-5" schedule. At this time, she is currently seeing patients via TeleMed for this reason and offers a wide range of flexibility in times that include early am mornings and nights.To schedule an appointment with this provider, you can call or text our office at 480-509-7738. Please leave a message with your contact info and we will return your call promptly.